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Miss Heidi

Miss Heidi has been tattooing for over 20 years, and has become known for her love of fine-line, black & gray, portraiture and pinup work.


Nate, a.k.a. Nasty Nate, has had a passion for art since he could remember. He studied various art mediums while in college to further his knowledge, and that has transitioned into his attention to detail while tattooing. He is well versed in many styles but focuses on fine line, detailed work, black/gray and color. He definitely makes your tattoo experience one to remember!


Kali has been tattooing since early 2019 and enjoys working with color or black and grey, and also loves the styles of traditional or neo-traditional work. Either big or small, every tattoo is handled with the same care. You can find Kali at our sister location, Strega Apothecary and Tattoo!


Kaylea has been tattooing since 2011, and drawing ever since she can remember. She specializes in neo-traditional, art nouveau, and illustrative line work tattoo styles. But particularly enjoys tattooing lady faces, and flowers! In traditional art, she is a figurative artist working primarily with charcoal.


Lauren has been working in the industry for over 3 years and is currently in an apprenticeship with Miss Heidi!


Pierre Burgos (DoctorZe) has been tattooing since 2013 and he specializes in a vast amount of styles including realism, neo-traditional, watercolor, portraits and surrealism themed tattoos!

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